We are committed to providing the best Home Watch, Executive/Concierge, and Keyholder Services in Las Vegas. Below are testimonials of a few of our happy clients. Want to be one of our happy customers? Contact Us today!
"We are very happy with the way the condo is being watched and taken care of! Everything is in good working order and just the way we left it. We are very glad to have your service watching out place and would definitely recommend you to anyone! Once again your company has proven to be a wise choice, Thank You!"
Kathy B.
"I wish all business owners provided as high-quality service as you do."
Kim O.
"Thank you again...so happy I was referred to you!"
Jeannette M.
Sun City Anthem
"We live in Ohio and Las Vegas Home Watchers manages both our Condo and House in Lake Las Vegas. Their professional service ensures that we don’t have to worry about our vacation properties or make special trips to Vegas to deal with issues that arise. They are quick to identify and resolve issues or problems that come up as well as being available to allow maintenance people and inspectors into the properties."
Cheryl S.
Lake Las Vegas
"You are the best!"
Jenny K.
"You guys are awesome, it is so comforting to know that things are being handled!"
David A.
Las Vegas
"Many Thanks! I am so glad to have such a careful and wonderful home watcher."
Cindy T.
Las Vegas Strip
"It really gives (us) peace of mind knowing you are checking on the place."
Kathy L.
“It would have been much harder handling the break-in without you around. I’m still looking for investment property in Las Vegas and would definitely use your services again.”
Martin J.
Southern Highlands
“We were impressed with Las Vegas Home Watchers’ friendly but business-like approach, professional arrangement and the reasonable cost. They set up a meeting with us, in our home, and explained their business and listened to our specific expectations and needs. They kept us informed by email, sent us our mail in a timely manner and saw that everything was in order for our return. It was a great feeling of security to know our home was being so well taken care of…Thanks Las Vegas Home Watchers!”
Jim S.
“We have been impressed with Las Vegas Home Watchers. They provide peace of mind when we live so far away from our condo. They are GREAT people, very friendly and we love their flexibility. They are thorough and have gone above and beyond our expectations. We recommend them without hesitation.”
Heather M.
Las Vegas
“Las Vegas Home Watchers is a great and conscientious company. They look out for our house when we are gone and let us know of any problems. They are very accommodating and I have recommended the company to our neighbors in Las Vegas.”
John D.
North Las Vegas
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work.”
Ray S.
Red Rock Country Club
“Thank you for keeping me in line and focused. You always make everything so simple and streamlined. That is what makes you so terrific with your clients.”
Audrey L.
Sun City Summerlin
"You guys are great and the service level is unbeatable!"
Don H.
Spanish Trail
"Please accept our thanks and deep appreciation for your services. We are sleeping well knowing you are watching things."
Richard S.
"Thanks so much! You guys are aces."
Ken F.
Silverstone Ranch
"Las Vegas Home Watchers have definitely been a godsend to us. They have been caring for our Las Vegas home since May 2015 and have taken tremendous care of our investment. They are very professional, thorough, and honestly very nice people. They have alerted us to a few situations with our home that we would have not been aware. They told us of a temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs. There was a freon leak in the outside condenser. They scheduled and stayed with the HVAC experts as they troubleshot, found, and fixed the problem. Gary and Lisa alerted us to a pigeon roosting problem. They suggested and implemented a successful solution for us. They additionally determined that our builder had not only put in the wrong AC filters, but that they also installed them backwards. I would definitely give Las Vegas Home Watchers a thumbs up and recommend them and their services."
Jim L.
"We truly appreciate the service you provide and look forward to a continuing relationship."
Deb K.
Southern Highlands
“I own a second home in Las Vegas and they were my first choice from the get-go. On a weekly basis they email me reports about the house’s status and the status on any other services I may have gotten from them based upon the individual needs of my home. Several times they came out to my home when an issue came up such as a housing repair issue or when an alarm went off. I always know what is going on and when I need something special done, like insect spraying or some other such service and they make themselves available because of their flexibility to be able to open my home. ...they always take such good care and maintain a watchful eye over my home as if it were their own. It is this personalized attention I really appreciate. I trust them implicitly with any matter pertaining to my home and the service they provide. It is because of these reasons I readily recommend them to anyone what would ask me about their service.”
Will L.
“I just want to thank you for taking care of our home and providing us with peace of mind, knowing that all is secure and being taken care of.”
Sue H.
Sun City Summerlin
“Your care of our house gives us peace of mind every day.”
Lee R.
North Las Vegas
“Many thanks for your good work, it's very highly appreciated.”
Walter J.
Lake Las Vegas
“Thank you for your Great Service.”
Judy S.
Las Vegas
"With our change of plans we could not have done it without you. We appreciate your excellent care and customer service."
Robin S.
Las Vegas
"We are extremely pleased with your work and dedication and more appreciative of that than you could imagine."
Johnette S.
Sun City Anthem
"I know we have slept much better knowing that you were looking after things for us!"
Richard S.
"Thanks so much for all you do..."
Ed R.
Sun City Summerlin