We offer regularly-scheduled property visits which are systematic, thorough and timely which you will not receive from your family members, your security system, the roving guard, the handyman or your neighbor, looking for obvious issues.
E&E Home Watch wants to significantly reduce the likelihood of substantial damage and/or loss to your home by being proactive. There are numerous examples of significant damage done to homes simply because no one was there when something malfunctioned, the home was vandalized or the signs of a potential problem went unnoticed. We always treat our clients and their property with the utmost dignity and respect.
We communicate with you after each and every visit no matter where in the world you may be. Our reports show you any issues that we have observed. You always know what is going on at your property and can authorize prompt action to minimize or prevent damage.


  • Check home exterior for damage or vandalism
  • Examine property for broken windows, forced entry or vandalism
  • Look at screens or porch enclosures for tears or damage
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages and phone books from the front door area
  • Examine gutters and downspouts for damage
  • Put away trash cans from the curb after you have departed
  • Check for damage caused by fallen trees or limbs
  • Ensure lawn maintenance is performed and pool is debris free
  • Make sure there is no leakage from outdoor faucets
  • Examine property to ensure all access points are secure
  • Research visible pest infestations
  • Examine property for erosion or drainage problems
  • Verify the breaker panel is set
  • Observe pool equipment for leakage


  • Assure alarm systems are functioning. alarm response.
  • Investigate unusual noises or alarms
  • Randomly open and close blinds and drapes during each visit
  • Check that the heating and cooling systems are functioning properly
  • Monitor humidity levels in your property
  • Examine all doors, windows and sliders to insure they are locked and secure
  • Verify that the refrigerator and freezer are functioning properly
  • Operate all faucets and flush toilets to eliminate stagnate water and fill traps
  • Visually check windows, ceilings, floors, walls, around toilets, under sinks, around hot water heaters and water softeners for leaks and/or stains
  • Watch for signs of insects/rodents
  • Verify electricity is on
  • Make note of any unusual odors
  • Turn on lights throughout the house during each visit
  • Operate dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine to prevent seals from drying out
  • Remove garbage mistakenly left by the homeowner or guests

Our company uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT. The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that correspond to the report’s creation. You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.